FlipSystem helps new and seasoned investors start and scale their real estate business. We help you through online courses, our CRM, coaches, acquisitions team, personal contacts and more.

As long as you’d like! We are her for the long run to support your business to the next level, and the next! We are like a full package to grow your business as a subscription service.

That’s totally fine. We are built to even help beginners. Through our real estate training program and personal coaching we get you up to speed quickly. We help people with all levels of experience successfully complete not just just their first flip but hundreds afterwards.

No. We do NOT take a commission of your earnings. We want you to grow and scale without fear that your bill will only grow too. We encourage growth and maximum earnings by having a low flat rate fee.

This CRM has been built and customized for real estate business needs. It has been under construction for 7 years and is now flipping around 500 houses a year for MartelTurnkey. It automates mundane tasks, emails, calculations and projections. Think of it like an assistant, bookkeeper, contact book, advanced excel spreadsheet all in one!

Unlimited. Currently the system is handling 500 flips a year, but its capacity is unlimited.

We recommend having around $10k-20k to start on your first flip. Through the use of leverage or investors that number could end up being lower or higher. Really depends on your resources, However, this is our solid estimate for a regular deal however.

Ideally, we expect a flip to double your investment into it. Based on the assumption you put in $20k, you should see $40k when the deal is completed

Your first flip will take the longest as you have to establish your market and team, so about 6-9 months. However after that, you can do a flip as quickly as in 4 months!

We will help you! Depending on how much assistance you want we either show you how to find your team (realtor, property manager, contractor, insurance) or we help you find them. We give your scripts for cold calling, how much to pay them and how to identify if they are good.

Yes! In fact, that's what we preach! We show you how to do flips without ever having to visit the home (or even do a zoom tour). You will never need to visit your market unless it’s for fun!

MartelTurnkey is for individuals with no desire to be in the real estate business. They simply need a done for you investing solution. They purchase a ready-to-go house, rehabbed, tenanted and cash flowing from day one. Each house makes a safe return of 12% annualized. FlipSystem on the other hand is for those who want to do the actual flip, the work and earn more money. Individuals who want to be their own boss, free themselves from a 9-5 and gain financial freedom. Each flip can render a return around 30% annualized.